What should India's priorities be to make this a happy and prosperous nation?


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Like all countries, India's priorities to become a happy and prosperous country are wide-ranging and complex.

However, there are some key areas that must always be considered:


This means education of a good standard for ALL children. India hasn't achieved this and is a long way from doing so, but striving to reach this goal is vital.


A healthy nation is a happy nation as a sound body and mind are the best assets any human can possess.

Economy and Enterprise

India is currently seizing control of its own destiny when it comes to trade, especially international trade. It is one of a handful of countries redefining trade routes across the globe.


India is notoriously a chaotic place for anyone wishing to travel from A to B, and, arguably, that's part of the country's charm. However, perhaps in the future there will be fewer motorbikes carrying multiple bodies and driving will become less dangerous.

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