Is it true that if you put chap-stick on the side of the scan-tron it will mark everything correctly?


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Nikki Ridgerider Profile

I have no clue, but I don't think you should do it. It may backfire. The teacher could notice you smearing chapstick on it, or it could ruin the scantron machine. (What do they use to scan scantrons? XD) 

It may not work, and if you do think it does, and mark wrong answers wrecklessly,'ll get most of them wrong. I know you've probably heard this speech before, but ultimately, you're the one making decisions. You don't have to go to school. 

You don't have to take that test. If you don't go to school, most likely you won't be educated, and then (most likely) you will not have a job, which causes lower chances of thriving in life. If you don't take that test, or if you cheat, you're basically cheating yourself. You're seeing how well you know the material, not how bad you are at it. And so what if you're bad? 

You can try to study, and maybe you'll get a chance to retake it. Nonetheless, you know that since you studied after you took the test, that now you know the material better. 

Oh and your teacher could just happen to notice a lil' something sticky when she's gathering them. XD

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