My age is 13. I want to write a book. Can you please give me a good topic? And some good suggestions for how to write it well? Do you think that I should write it with someone else?


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Write something that you would want to read. Do you love dystopian books? Write a book about life after the apocalypse! Can't get enough of fantasy? Write about unicorns and dragons and other mythical things! Just write something that you will enjoy writing. If you don't like what you're writing, you readers won't either.

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Theodore Putnam
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The latest trend in book themes is apocalyptic, and this topic has only been writen once. An electromagnetic pulse hits worldwide, and the community tries to survive after without tech, and with looting and rioting. Have the main character have some ability that is slightly obscure, the book that has already has done this topic is called Rule if Three. Remember, you can include some technology, like old cars and planes without computers. An emp only knocks out computer chips.
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First choose your genre.

1. Adventure

2. Mystery

3. Fantasy

4. Historical Fiction

5. Science Fiction

Second, choose the point of view for you book and make sure to stick with it.

1. First person: Pronouns like:

I, me, myself, mine, we, us, ourselves, ours.

2. Third person: Pronouns like:

He, she, it, him, her, his, hers, himself, herself, itself, they, them, theirs, themselves.

Third, map out your story. Figure out what happens in your story and write down the main events in a notebook

Fourth: Start to write. Find a good intro to start your book with. Slowly build up the story up to the climax, or the most exciting part of the story, and then ease off.

Fifth: Be prepared to rewrite story several times. Keep working at it until you get it just right.

Good luck with your book!

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Writing with someone else? It's not very common.. Also what happens when you disagree on how to write the story? It might cause an argument.

I would write about something mysterious and a little bit scary, because reading that kind of stuff is quite addictive.

Maybe about a local legend about a mysterious house at the top of the hill.... Lol

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lol nice . but what i think is that my friends wont do that . our thinking shares some similarities . thats why i had already made a cover page of scary story before i asked . lol :d
Ian Craven
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Talking with others who have similar interest in writing always helps me in coming up with a creative idea. Maybe it will help you form ideas to develop your story.
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I am around your age and tried to write a novel with my friend, who is also a writer. She liked to write fantasy, while I liked realistic fiction. It didn't work out in the end, because the book fell apart. If you are going to write with someone else, I suggest someone who writes the same genre as you plan to write.

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