What is one thing you will never be able to understand?


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Obsessed people!

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All the Senseless Deaths in Iraq. . I lost my son in Iraq on February 8 2008. He was 19. The first time I saw him was June 28th. 1988 and than in January 1989 his Father took him from me and I never saw him again just because i asked for a Divorce. Than the last time i saw him was December 8Th, 2007. For 1 hour. That I will never understand. God Speed my sweet teepee mommy loves you more than life. RIP PFC Jack Travis Sweet
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I lost my brother MIA in Vietnam. I did two tours there with the Green Berets and used everything I had trying to find him. Never did, So, terrisa, I know your pain and have had to live with it over 40 years. I salute your son. He gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country.
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Mathematics. Lol
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I cannot understand why women cry without any reason, and so quickly?

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Apologies in advance to anyone that I offend with this answer, but the one thing I always have difficulty understanding is how anyone believes that organised religion, and specifically some of the claims that the Christian church make can possibly be credible.

Here's an example:

Recently, historians discover a papyrus dated back to early Christian times of early Christians debating the role of women. In it, they reference their "knowledge" that Jesus had a wife.

Now, while that doesn't prove that Jesus definitely had a wife, it does prove that this is what members of the early Christian church - direct descendants of the disciples - believed.

And yet, somehow, that notion is completely preposterous to the modern Church.

Considering Christianity is a religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus, getting the fact that Jesus wasn't married incorrect makes you question how much of modern Christian belief can we trust...

And, in the bigger picture, considering wars from The Crusades through to modern day terrorism are fuelled by the notion of holy or religious warfare, is it not possible that the causes people are living by and dying for are incorrect or at least partially fabricated?

Obviously, people are free to believe what they want to believe... But blind faith can be a very dangerous thing, and people can end up easily manipulated into doing terrible things once they can be convinced it is their religious duty.

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I can't understand how everything started. How did the world come? How did everything get its name? Languages? Religions?? How, how, how?!

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Pointless celebrities and wives of rock stars who are allowed to get famous and get attention off the back of their spouses' career,  and anyone who doesnt pay them attention get attacked.  More importantly WHY their husbands' allow these attention-seekers to take advantage of them.  

Cyberstalking and bullying.  Mobbing of people;  talentless popstars.  The world, humans,  

Why Green Day fans have to give Adrienne Armstrong attention to be allowed to be a fan and say things like 

"she is the reason for who he is today" 

 - seriously??? I THINK ITS THE OTHER WAY AROUND.  What has she done exactly?  - and apparently we all have to respect her or else.  I dont get that.  Shes not in Green Day.  

She is also rumoured to read and comment on threads about Green Day, Billie Joe and her.  I dont get it. At all.  

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