How many gallons of water in a 42" diameter tank that is 6' long?


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You need to calculate volume.

The shape of the tank is cylindrical because of it mentioning diameter. Since a radius is half the length of a diameter, we can say that r = 21 inches. H = 6 feet = 72 inches.

Volume of a cylinder: V = π(r^2)h

V = π(21^2)(72)

V = 99751.85 in.^3

If you needed the volume in cubic feet, multiply cubic inches by 0.00058 (source:

V = 57.856 ft.^3

Now, from that same source, it says that 1 cubic foot is equal to 7.5 gallons of water. What we need to do is multiply 57.856 by 7.5, which will give us:

434.670548 gallons of water.

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