In Maugham's "The Verger" Why Does The Vicar Believe Albert Edward Is Unsuited To The Office Of Verger?


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Albert Edward has worked as verger for many years when a new vicar is appointed to his church (St Marks) and discovers that Albert can't read or write. This never bothered the old vicar, but the new one says he can't work with an illiterate verger and sacks him.

Albert leaves in despair, wants a smoke to cheer himself up, but his pockets are empty and he can't find a tobacconist. He decides to open one of his own, and is so successful that he ends up with a huge nationwide retail business. Years later, in a conversation it comes out that he still hasn't learned to read. His interlocutor is amazed and asks him what he thinks he might have achieved if he had been able to read. Arthur knows the answer to that one: he'd be the verger of St Marks in London.

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