How To Write An Suspension Appeal Letter?


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The question is a little bit vague in its wording. An appeal letter against a suspension can mean a number of different things, firstly it could be a suspension from a place of work for actions taken by you, which on reflection may be against the terms of your contract, or it may be you have been wrongly accused of such actions. Secondly it could refer to a suspension from an institution of learning such as a school, because you have, or have been perceived to have breached the rules of your school or college. The third possibility is that it is a suspension of benefits or funding that you may or may not be entitled to, either due to a change of circumstances or because of you have violated the initial conditions of the grant.

In all the aforementioned circumstances it will be a relief to hear that a structure for your appeal letter will be relatively similar. Begin by asking yourself 'what is the reason for the suspension and is it valid?' If the decision over the suspension is reasonable then in your letter it would be wise to acknowledge your personal responsibility, apologise and explain the reasons why you feel the suspension should be repealed; this should include an explanation on the reasons why the situation that prompted the suspension will not happen again, and have been rectified. If you feel the suspension is unfair then do not complain or moan, this may be seen as defensive. Instead present your case, along with any evidence that will vindicate your position, be understanding that errors like this can occur and thank them for taking the time they have taken to review your case.
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Letter of suspension

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