I just started my Chinese learning. Would you please give me some advice?


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If it starts to get hard don't give up !

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Same thing just work hard try your best and also never give up
Margaret  Rivas
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Learning Chinese Online: What is your opinion of
I was thinking about taking an online introductory course on learning Chinese, and I don't mind if it's a pay service. Is this a pretty good site to start for a beginner?
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Izzy is no longer on this site to answer you.
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ly fen chen answered

You should learn Chinese from China not from Taiwan, I mean for the professor who was from China and he teaches Chinese in short form type, as actually many people use it, and it's convenient to write as well.

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Amundsen Leung , Dear Questionarre, answered

Dear Questionarre, I learned Chinese Han words when I was little, It was hard but i didn't give up, you should do that too!!!

Now, I even know how to type in Chinese in the computer!!!


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I agree that  you should learn Chinese online, since it is more convenient and the Mandarin teacher would help to correct your pronounce. 

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If you are going to learn Chinese, you should know there's Mandarin and Cantonese. Mandarin is recommended because it's spoken in all regions in China. Cantonese is mainly used in southern China like Guangzhou and Hong Kong. So if you truly wish to learn Chinese culture, Mandarin is highly recommended.

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