How long would it take me to learn mandarin? Im chinese but i gave up on the language when i was small... i know a bit though. How long would it take me to learn chinese with a teacher?


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Wendy Shi answered

About 3 months study mandarin in our school
Mandarin Garden. You will start from the elementary level after that you can
communicate with local people freely.

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zirp  zirpenstein  answered 3/31/2016

to the US Foreign Service Institute, an already bilingual native
speaker of English with an adult vocabulary will need 2200 hours of
class, so at least 88 weeks,  to get fluent in Mandarin (or any other of
the sinitic languages)

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Nathan Jones answered

I think after 3 months' study, you can handle some basic Chinese sentences. Because my little kids can handle it well within 3 months in lingo bus.

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