What are the limitations of wearable devices?


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A 'wearable device' is an accessory or piece of clothing that has been advanced electrically or technologically in order to perform a practical function while also maintaining a desirable aesthetic.

One of the most recent examples of these is the Bio-sport In-Ear headphones (pictured below, released on 14th August 2014) was produced by Intel in partnership with 50 cent. The device measures the users heartbeat while simultaneously syncing this data with apps that analyse physical activity.

According to Rock Health, this industry will be worth anywhere between five or fifty billion dollars by the end of 2018. However, although designed for the convenience of users, there are several limitations of wearable devices.


1) Expensive - Product developers prioritise the overall perfection of the aesthetics and mechanics of the mechanical device. The cost of construction of the device therefore tends to increase with the sophistication of the product. This often renders the product unaffordable to the vast majority of the public.

2) Discomfort - Wearable devices are often used during hot or high energy physical activity. Users therefore often complain about the product being too heavy or uncomfortable. This is often due to the inbuilt computer that has a plethora of heavy components which also emit heat. Users consequently can find the product tedious to wear.

3) Longevity - Although modern society is witnessing a hyper-production of wearable devices, the industry struggles to find a way to keep a user engaged in the product for more than an average of 6 months. More than half of US consumers who have owned an activity tracker no longer use it. The most common problems occur from the product breaking, the syncing function failing, the battery life being too low or a disenchantment with the practicalities of the device itself.

4) Security - Wearable devices can occasionally be used for commercial use. In this instance it is possible for company servers to be breached and consequently for confidential information to be leaked.

If you would like to hear more about some of the new and innovative wearable devices, follow the link below.

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