How To Convert Miles To Kilometers?


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Write down the number of miles.

Add 60% of the miles to the number of miles.

10 miles = 10 + .6(10)  or 16 kilometers

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Tom  Jackson
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So if I vised the UK and you asked me how many kilometers away from my home in the USA I had to drive to grocery shop when I went home, I couldn't use that formula to give you my answer?
Ray Dart
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Actually - your answer is perfect (almost). Ignore my (unintentional) whimsy :)
Tom  Jackson
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Oh, I do enjoy your whimsy.

But I also respect your intelligence enough to wonder if I overlooked something.
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Divide the number of miles by (.62). For instance, 3.1 miles divided by .62 will 5 kilometers.
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Using the fact that 1 mi = 1.6093439999999998 km, or using fewer digits, 1.609344 km, we can multiply the number of miles by this quantity to obtain the number of kilometers that we want.

For example, if we want to know how many kilometers are in 25 miles, we can do the following:

25 mi * 1.609344 (km / mi) = 40.2336 km, or in scientific terms (using significant figures)
= 40. Km

I hope this helps.
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The quickest and the most reliable way of converting miles to km is to make use of the online measurement converter tool. Without always remembering the standards of these unit's conversions and involving in any fuss of conversion  you can get the precise results.

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