What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Reading Newspapers?


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Newspapers are cheap, readily-available and informative. There aren’t many disadvantages to them at all, unless you compare them to their technological counterparts!

Advantages of Newspapers
  • Wide variety – broadsheet and tabloid
  • Current – new edition every day
  • They cover a wide range of subjects
  • Informative - they keep us up-to-date with things going on all over the world
  • Can be bought nearly anywhere
  • Cheap
  • You don’t need a computer or smartphone to read them
  • The reports may be politically or personally biased
Disadvantages of Newspapers
  • Some of the bigger ones are difficult to hold, especially when it’s windy!
  • You can’t search them for a keyword the way you can their digital equivalents
  • Online news websites offer the same news for free
  • Newspapers are updated daily, whereas news websites are constantly being updated
  • Waste of paper compared to their online equivalents
  • Discarded copies litter trains, buses and park benches everywhere
  • Reports may be politically or personally biased
Overall, newspapers are a great resource – perhaps a little outdated, but invaluable nonetheless.
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Mainul Hussain answered
You get the information on your doorstep - advantage.
You do not know if it is a fact or opinion - disadvantage.

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