I'm reading a tough and boring book for summer reading and I'm having trouble understanding the story. Can anyone give me any help?


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It's a sci - fi novel set in 2540. That's basically all I can give you about the plot. You said it was set in London, didn't you? So rather than thinking of it as a boring book set no where near your time in a foreign country, think of it as a book for people with different preferences to you  just down the road from me.

After you've finished reading a chapter or two, close your eyes and imagine me as an old woman looking at that situation. Life expectancies are always being lengthened. I might be alive in 5 hundred and something years, who knows??

Ps just pick a different genre next time, ok Ben?

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I knew it was a sci fi.  The plot is just very strange with the fertility clinic and the characters are confusing, also there is a lot of complex vocab which isn't even in the dictionary! 
I will try to look at London the way you said it in since you live in England. And finally no offence but it's kinda hard to imagine you when I don't even know what you look like! 
So yeah thanks for this wonderful answer it was very insightful.

Oh yeah I forgot I don't pick the summer reading books -  the school I go to does.
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I know this question was asked long ago but still I like to advise! Even I got a very boring book to read for this summer holidays and it's really really boring so I just searched on YouTube to check for it and then I saw the movie of the book and then I could understand the story very nicely after seeing the movie video a few times and yes it was a lot interesting! And so I could complete my holiday homework as well!

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I could have done that! But sometimes the movie is different from the book and I get tested on it after a couple days of school. Thanks for your help though!!
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It's a classic but I think most people find it difficult to understand.  Read the synopsis on Wikipedia.  Then look at a bookstore or online for the Cliff Notes.

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