A manufacturing company hired 30 new employees. This hiring increased the company’s total workforce by 5%. How many employees now work at this company?


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John McCann answered

5% means 5/100 = 0.05


= 600 employees


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Emily Rivers answered

Thanks to John's great answer, you already know how many employees now work at this company! I thought I would show you how I worked it out though:

  1. We know that the 30 employees increased the workforce by 5%. So, to work out 10% we can just double it. So 10% is 60 employees.
  2. As 10% is 1/10 of 100, to find out the total number of employees (or 100%) we just need to multiply 60 (10%) by 10.
  3. So the answer is 600 employees!

Hope this helped. I'm not too good at maths so I find it easier to simplify things!

You might find this video helpful - it explains how to work out percentages, including how to work them out from fractions:

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