What is 38% of 250?


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Multiply 0.38 by 250 to get 95. 95 is your answer. If you want me to explain more in in the whole multiplication process, let me know.

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David Shabazi answered

I will provide the steps needed to be taken followed by the explanations, but if you want more review on questions similar to these, you can refer to the following video here:

Let's first analyze that question.

The "of" signifies that you need to multiply the 38% by 250, but first we need to convert the percent into an actual number with no percent symbol - in this case, a decimal.

To do this, get rid of the percent symbol and move the decimal point two places to the left. The original decimal point is located after the very last number (in this case, it's 8). So, from 8, we move the decimal place two places to the left, meaning that now it occurs before the 3.

For more review on converting percents to decimals, click here:

So now we're asked to multiply 0.38 with 250. We can split this into two parts, as shown:


= 0.3(250) + 0.08(250) Split the equation into two.

= 75 + 20 Use the distributive property here.

= 95 Simplify.

Therefore, 38% of 250 is 95.

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