Are Music Videos A Bad Influence On Children?


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Yes and no. Music videos can be a bad influence on children if the videos are not properly controlled or parents do not regulate what their child watches.

Bad influences of music videos

Music videos often glamorise certain themes which could be a bad influence on children. The videos are not always meant to be taken seriously, but children will often find it difficult to distinguish this fact.

  • Music videos, regardless of genre, often promote themes not suitable for young children, such as drug use, sex, alcohol abuse and rampant consumerism.
  • Introducing young children to things like gang culture, substance abuse or inappropriate sexual attitudes cannot be beneficial to children in the long term.
  • Not all music videos have a bad influence - some will inspire, stimulate and entertain a child or teenager.
Do they really have an effect?

The majority of the target market for music videos is young kids and teenagers - people who are at the most impressionable stages of their lives. There is no doubt that music videos will have an effect on some children and young adults, but it is certainly not the case that every young person will be affected in this way by them.

Ultimately it should be the responsibility of the record label, music channels and the parents to regulate what children watch and how it affects them. Alternatively a safe harbour (watershed) may have to be introduced to stop young children from watching some of the more controversial videos.
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Most certainly, we should guard and protect our children's minds like a pregnant woman protects her newborn. They have minds that are very vulnerable to influences, so we should not allow them to become twisted. When we look at some serial killers like Ted Bundy, we clearly see what produced the evil thoughts.
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Music videos are very inappropriate for children.

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I do not think so. Music videos could be also a form of relaxation.

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