I'm a student and my teacher is always staring/looking at me, my friend in school also noticed it.. What should I do? It's really creeping me out..


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Just talk about it with your mother and some female teachers at school. But at the same time tell them to not take your name out because many other girls in your school bust be having the same problem.

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Sara Lewis answered

If your teacher is making you feel uncomfortable in any way, it's really important that you talk to someone about it, there will be someone at your school trained to deal with exactly this sort of situation.

It's probably not the easiest thing to talk about, so you could start by just talking to someone you feel comfortable telling- like a parent- and they could accompany you to a meeting where you discuss your concerns with someone senior at your school.

Remember, it will all be completely confidential, so you don't need to worry about your teacher finding out that you have said anything.

It is really important to protect not only yourself, but also other students at school, from unwanted attention. It may be that someone has ignored it in the past which is why you are unfortunately having to deal with it now, so my advice is to be strong, and speak up, and hopefully the matter will be dealt to which will prevent this from happening again.

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