How can I get English help online for free?


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  Grammar checking is
  always difficult. NOUNPLUS Online Free Grammar Checker of English helps those
  who engage in academic, professional or creative writing to check grammar,
  making English grammar rules easier.

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A very good way of getting help with your English online without having to pay is to join a pen pal site. That's not as unusual as it seems; some of them are just like chat sites now...

An example of a good site to join is Interpals which has members from many countries, including the USA, Australia and the UK so you should be able to find someone who will be happy to teach you English in exchange for some information about your own country etc.

You will find that some people on there (as with all similar websites) may be rude and not reply, but all you need to do is make one good friend and not only will you better your English, you will also have someone to maybe visit in the future.

Skype conversations can be a good way of learning a new language, or becoming more advanced in one that you know so you may want to suggest doing that when you start to make friends with people.

Video chats are good because not only do they make conversation and connecting with someone easier, but you will also be able to practice your pronunciation and learn to sound like a "natural" far more quickly.

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