How do I tell my parents that as a girl, I want to play baseball? I have always told them I hate it and now I'm too embarrassed to tell the truth, please help!


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Hey, You should never feel ashamed to tell your parents that you want to play baseball. Always remember that your parents were teens themselves and have had to make their mind up about situations 2 and
3 times over; just like you.

They will accept that you may not have liked baseball but tastes change and they will understand this. Girls play baseball too and this would never be an issue for many, in fact they may even like to watch a game with you.

Perhaps talking and hanging out with friends who already play and enjoy the sport might help your parents see that you are taking more of an interest in the game?

There really isn’t anything that you should be embarrassed about. 

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Nice Girl answered

That's not right you should have told then the truth from the beginning but anyways you should never be shy to tell your parents anything but yes who can follow that strictly in fact I don't tell my parents most of the things but that for my own good! Anyways I guess now you should tell your parents the truth, at least give it a try what goes in giving a nice try! So give it a try, I'm sure something good will happen!:)

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Growing up is about changes, your parents will asume your thoughts about baseball have changed, don't be embarrassed to say it! Do what you love before it's too late!

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