In school I'm falling behide and I have some much to do. What do I do?


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First of all, it depends on your stream or subjects..... As for me, I'm in class 12 science stream. When I fall behind in, say, Physics, I take a day off. I darken my room, even in daylight, and shut the door. Under a night lamp, I study the chapter I need to study for 4-6 hours until its finished. Preferably don't keep a watch near you, always keep hydrated, and don't go out until you are done.

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If this is the thing then you should first take all your gadgets that you are most addicted to away. Then just shut the door or in other words lock it and make sure there's enough of peace there and then open the book and start studying! 

And what  you have to learn  speak it loudly so that this will help you learn faster but just speaking aloud won't help u learning  You even gotta do everything with full concentration and try to understand things instead of just mugging up becoz if u understand things then u may be able to write the answers even in your own words instead of using just the exact book words! 

And just do this and do t look at the watch and you'll realise that your lesson is done really quickly! So all the best! :)

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