what are the 7P's of Nike and their objectives?


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Nike's 7 P's relate to the successful marketing of a product, and are as follows:

Product: The goods or service provided. Is there a niche in the market and a demand for it?

Process: Relates to the systems in place to deliver the product and receive payment.

Price: An obvious one! But extremely important. Pricing can affect how potential customers perceive the product- as high end or low end.

Promotion: The advertising of products, including any special offers and campaigns.

Place: Where the product is sold- eg. Retail, online, wholesale.

Physical evidence: Refers to what potential buyers can actually see before buying. eg. packaging.

People: Determine through research if their is a consumer audience looking to buy the product.

Nike is known world-wide for its powerful marketing strategy, which relies quite heavily on product image. Think of the iconic logo, the memorable catchphrases.

It's the companies success in this field that has made it a common case study for marketing students and professionals alike!


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