What are the advantages of laminate flooring over those of solid hardwood flooring?


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Keep in mind when comparing there are many grades of laminate flooring. Some are much less expensive than real wood... However, sometimes you get what you pay for.

I've seen laminate installed that looks absolutely gorgeous... For a few weeks... And then, because it either shrinks or it scratches easily, it starts to become a regrettable choice.

Then there are high quality laminates that are even more resilient than wood, and far easier to install, which saves on labor.

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When it comes to picking laminate flooring over hard flooring, there are several factors to consider.

 Both have positives and drawbacks, but the advantages of laminate flooring are:

  • Affordability

This is generally one of the best advantages to consider. Laminate flooring is more affordable because the materials used to create it are very low cost. It is considerably cheaper than hardwood and when doing an entire home, a large room or a large body of space, the pennies tend to rack up! For want of being frugal, laminate is the definite choice.

  • Easy to install

Assembly is simple since no nails or glue are required, they just simply slide into place and lock in once positioned

  • Low maintenance

Easy to maintain because they are not difficult to clean. Furthermore, if damage occurs to the flooring, the price to repair it will be considerably less than a hard wood floor.

I hope this helps.

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