What are the effects of being an illiterate person?


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There are a lot of effects of being illiterate! It's like you're living in a world killing you day by day! So let me tell you those bad effects when you're in a group termed as illiterate people, first, people take you as a joke or die thing to just be ignored or treated badly, second, you are felt as a very dirty person and an unhygienic one too (this is in today's modern world), third, you can't communicate properly, you can't cope up with today's modern world, you can't take the advantage of high technology, you can't step up in an argument having the fear fact in your mind that your uneducated and will be smashed by those brainy people out there and the most important, people try to take away your every opportunity to be happy!

But my friend , good people in the world haven't yet finished, it doesn't matter if the world is filled with bad people, don't forget, good are still of the same amount everywhere so doesn't matter if you're an illiterate person, there are people everywhere to help you when you're stuck, just be friendly and nice, and you won't even know when a stranger is your best friends so nothing to worry about! Just enjoy! :)

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Well, thankfully I'm not illiterate, but I can imagine, embarrassment, inability to apply for jobs, inability to have bank accounts, inability to travel as you can't read where you're going....many things and none of them good come from being illiterate.

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