Should 12 Year Olds Be Allowed To Drive? Why Or Why Not, In Detail. Include Experiences You May Have Had That Deal With This Question.


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Yes, they should because some children are mature enough. Adults are constantly lazy , and sometimes refuse to give you a ride to were you need 2 get 2
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No, they shouldn't be allowed to drive, case in point, my brother got this stupid idea in his head, he threw me the keys to his car and said drive. I got in the car, started it, hit the gas instead of the brake, and put a huge whole in the wall of the apartment building he lived in. Would you like to guess my age at that time? Yeppers, I was 12.
No, "children" of that age don't have the mental capacity to handle all the things that an adult has to deal with then driving. They are not coordinated enough either, I speak from personal experience. Sorry.

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