Your friend is part of district Volleyball team and often has to miss classes. His teachers and parents are unhappy about this and have asked him to quit sports. With your partner discuss what he should do to resolve his problem.


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Lynn Blakeman answered

Actually I am a little surprised that anyone would be unhappy about this situation, given the guy's obvious talent. He might be missing classes now, and I see that is a definite problem, but there's also the chance that he will make a career of sport. To me, if someone shows special talent in something, they should not be held back.

There is no mention here of his grades suffering as a result. If that is the case then there might be an argument for him taking some time away from volleyball to catch up with his school work.

Personally though, I would think that if he agrees to catch up on any missed work during his own time, there really should be no problem. Maybe he could sit down with his parents and a school representative and jointly come up with a plan that suits everyone.

The best option is really to find a compromise.

Ditching lessons and ignoring the importance of education is not the right answer, and is one extreme - but on the other hand, getting the student to give up a sport they enjoy and are talented at seems like an opposite extreme. Being able to negotiate a routine that works for both his sports and education will obviously be the best resolution to this problem.

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I'd definitely support my friend because I know that parents and teachers of many good players didn't believe in them as well, and now we watch the college football betting news about them. So I think it's important to support, and not ruin the talent of that guy because I'm sure that there are thousands of kids that can be successful, but no one believes in them.

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