What are two equivalent fractions for 6/36?


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Read all instead of going straight to answer. And please pay attention in class and do your homework.

6 can go into 36. 6x6=36. So divide 36 by 6 which = 6. Because you divided the denominator by 6, you MUST do the same to the numerator (÷ by 6). (applies to every fraction when changing it)

so overall, ÷ the numerator and denominator by 6 , 36÷6=6. 6÷6=1      So the fraction can become 1/6. Which is one equivalent to the original fraction.

You can x (times) the answer by 2 (the original or new fraction) as many times as you want to make more equivalent fractions.

e.g. 1x2=2 6x2=12  so you can make another equivalent being 1/12

Try to make as many as you can. C'mon, this is easy and I know you can do it! Good luck!

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