Explain what strategic information any MIS is unlikely to be able to provide?


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MIS (or Management Information System) can allow the company in question to claim a "competitive advantage" by truly understanding the human resources, technology and network connections at a company's disposal.

This is exactly the type of strategic information that can make MIS a powerful approach for businesses looking to grow.

The type of information gleaned from MIS can be applied to the following areas:

  • Informing management process
  • Supporting strategy decisions
  • Automating internal processes
  • Marketing campaign strategies

MIS can apply to business of all types and sizes, and is best described as a structure which helps companies search and identify opportunity to develop more powerful strategy through data analysis.

Although this is overwhelmingly done through computers these days, there is nothing to say that MIS is a purely technical or computerised process, and it can be performed by companies of all kinds.

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