How does the meaning of words change as time passes?


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There are students of linguistic stochastics who will be able to give you a really detailed answer (although, these days, you may not see them on Blurtit). But (as a people) we tend to find words we like the sound of, and then misuse them. "Fabulous" is a good example. Fifty years ago, it meant "Connected with a Fable" (a story with a meaning). Now it means "really good".  Another good example is "prevarication" with means "lying" (in the sense of not telling the truth), but now you find "educated" people using it instead of "wasting time". There are thousands of examples out there, perhaps someone should write a dictionary.....

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Farzaneh Hajihashemi
Hello, my friend. This is about semantic modification and change of meaning of words.I want to analyze two Persian translations of a roman that their words change over times 
lAso I do not have any suitable framework as a Model. I searched the web but I do not find many information about this. I think that this project is new and the researcher did not work on it so much. Can you help me?
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You really need a proper expert, and I am not that. I did a little research though and came across this:
It names three people who might be able to help.

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