I want to make an instagram where I post a pic of my diary every day so people can read my story and I can look back at it. I feel like having other people reading it too will make me keep writing it. Would you follow an account like this?


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Taylor Brookes Profile
Taylor Brookes answered

Unfortunately, I don't have instagram, although I have been meaning to join for a long time. I think that your idea sounds quite original and I would definitely find it interesting!... As long as it's not just 'I watched TV today' or 'ohh grocery shopping!' - it should be interesting stuff, so if nothing interesting happens to you on one day, maybe find a picture with a quote or a piece of art that you like and post that for the day. Good luck with it :)

Tootsie Roll Profile
Tootsie Roll answered

That's a very original and unique idea. Though, like Taylor Brookes, I do not have Instagram, I would. I just feel like a journal opened to the public shouldn't have that certain amount of information that could come back to you. In the end, just have fun and be careful and wise at the same time!

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