How do you deal with teachers who are just awful at teaching?


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Although it's been a very long time since I went to school, I did have a few horrible teachers. I either tried to transfer to a different class or I just tried to get by in that class. Not much you really can do but grin and bear it. Some people just don't have the teaching skills nor the people skills to really be a teacher. See if you can transfer to another class ! If not, you just have to deal with it and know that school will be out soon and next year you hopefully will get good teachers. To me, most teachers are way over rated.

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I'm thirteen and I'll say it'll be best to be awful in that teachers class.You might be transferred to a different classic the teacher gets p*** off.u can also speak to the teacher and maybe he or she will probably change.
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Teachers aren't going to change their ways for you, that's for sure. Do as you wish as it matters not to me.
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In my school, a teacher is chosen as the supervisor of a particular grade! That teacher randomly goes to class's and frankly asks them about their subject teachers and then if the children complain about any particular teacher, that teacher is replaced!

So I think for you, you can complain to the supervisor if there's any problems with your class teachers. Or if these options don't work, then the principle is the only one left to speak to!

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