I want to take admission in India, in MBBS course. Any suggestion for a decent university in Northern India specifically?


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Ritika Jain Profile
Ritika Jain , Natasha is right, answered

Even my sister has done her MD in Gynaecology and obstetrics. Santosh University really has a good faculty.

Monika Paudel Profile
Monika Paudel , Education COunsellor, answered

Hi, Harsh. There are many good colleges for MBBS in india, the top ones are  AIIMS , DHLI, Maulana Azad and Santosh University. The Admission to Santosh University is still open.You can apply online on their website

Ankit Singh Profile
Ankit Singh , career counsellor, answered

There are many good colleges like AIIMS, DHLI, Maulana Azad, also Santosh University as both Natasha and Ritika have mentioned.  Santosh I guess was recently ranked among the top colleges in MBBS and BDS.

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