Should I leave things unsaid? (I mean feelings, if the other person knows you want to say something to her but 2 months later she never asks what was it).


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David Shabazi answered

Things can be left unsaid if there's really no big deal in keeping it to yourself.

Let's say you failed an insignificant 5-point quiz. Considering that all the assignments and tests you'll take for a class will at least form 1000+ points in total, a single quiz that you failed will do almost nothing to hurt you. 

If your parents ask about it and you KNOW they'll freak out to an extreme amount, even though they don't realize that it practically won't do anything to hurt your grade, it'd be better if you make up a viable excuse by saying "the teacher/professor hasn't graded it yet," or something along those lines. Save yourself the trouble of ruining your WHOLE day by being yelled at for such a stupid and insignificant little thing.

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Lard Ass answered

People are different when it comes to feelings. Me...I'd rather have everything upfront and honest, good or bad. You can't work through something with somebody if you never talk about it....and if you leave things unsaid, nothing gets resolved. Good luck! :)

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PJ Stein answered

If it is going to be hurtful, yes. If it something that you will regret not saying than no.

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Jaimie JT answered

I'm very quick to temper and have a hard time leaving things unsaid because I tend to react too fast rather than think things through before I speak. So in that regard I think yes it's better to leave some things unsaid. On the flip side I have also shut down when I should have let someone know how important they are to me,  so in that regard not so good to let things go unsaid :) So I guess my answer is yes and no .. I'm not very decisive , Soz :)

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