What is the most infuriating thing you have ever heard someone say that just made you think 'how could someone possibly be that ignorant/arrogant/close-minded etc.'?


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My best friend, dumb as a stump, has a hummingbird feeder in her screened in porch. She can't understand why she never gets any hummingbirds feeding at it. I told her it has to go outside and she replied, "well, hummingbirds are bugs, so they'll find their way in". That's not ignorant, arrogant  or closed minded, it's just plain stupidity. I shook my head so hard that I got a headache.

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Ancient Hippy
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Good point. The political and religious zealots may be out in force on this one.
Rooster Cogburn
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I'm hoping not but we'll see for a while how it goes.
Kayle Smyth
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That a baby is just a piece of tissue. All those after abortion pictures are taken after the sac the baby is in gets destroyed. Before, you can see a human being, after the baby does turn to tissue.
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I worked in a bank as a teller and it was the Friday before Mother's Day. A customer asked if I was a mother and I replied no. She then said well maybe I will be next year. I told her no, my husband and I weren't having kids. She then went from being pleasant to being rude and judgemental and called me selfish for not having kids. At first I was totally shocked. Then I leaned forward and informed her that I don't generally share my medical issues with strangers but I can't have kids and for her to make such a judgement without knowing all the facts was rude and careless. I finished her transaction while she kept apologizing. I closed my window and walked off to the back room to calm down. The teller next to me followed me off the floor because she wanted to know what happened because she had never seen me lose my cool.

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PJ Stein
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I agree Taylor. I know people who have decided not to have kids because even though they could afford them, they knew they were not parent material, or their lifestyle, such as a job where you move frequently, would not be best for a child. Most have received similar comments, especially the women. I don't know why some people thing all women have a maternal instinct. I considered adoption, but we moved too much for that.
Taylor Brookes
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I definitely don't have a maternal instinct, so I won't have kids. I guess I'll have to put up with a few people like that!
Bubblicious Bubblicious
Unbelievable ! I would have been locked up. People are so crazy!
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Complementing someone's looks or attire and being accused of sexual harassment. SMH

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A common saying when I was in South Africa was "You can take the man out of Soweto, but you can't take Soweto out of the man."

Wrong on so many levels.

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There's been times where I got into an argument with somebody who just stuck with their opinion about a topic and kept insulting everyone who had a different opinion because he thought they were all wrong (in reality, he was the wrong one!)

Unfortunately I forgot what the conversation was exactly about but at one point I told him "the world doesn't revolve around your opinion and thoughts", because it really seemed like he was implying that from the way he was talking. He stopped for a brief moment, looked into my eyes and said loudly "OFCOURSE IT DOES, I'm right all the time! And you're wrong because you're stupid!"

I had to end the conversation prematurely from how funny his remark was. But he was also giving me an extreme headache.

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Rooster Cogburn
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I guess Kass talked to her and she said she was leaving for a couple of weeks to cool off. If she comes back with that same attitude, she's gone. She was nothing but trouble on also.
Bubblicious Bubblicious
You can handle this. Just ignore the troublemakers.
Rooster Cogburn
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It's my job to make sure there isn't any trouble, Bubb ! We'll get it together here in time! :)
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I had a History teacher in high school that told kids every day that "there is scientific proof that the world is only 6000 years old". The guy couldn't get fired for his ignorance though because he was also a football coach. He went on and on about how human footprints have been found beside dinosaur footprints and that scientists are all bought off from the government to say that the world is old. He was by far the most brainwashed teacher I'd ever had.

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