If your college major had a slogan, what would it be?


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Soul Fly answered

Don't wait, buy debt now!

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DDX Project
DDX Project commented
Haha, probably the only debt that made me the most money in return.

My Beanie Baby and POG collection however.... sigh... I'll never get my money back.
Soul Fly
Soul Fly commented
Slammers! Found a great collection at a thrift store and had to buy them. haha sometimes the sentimental value is worth more!
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"Want to become a snarky, obsessive, snotty nerd who can't sit through a Mel Gibson movie without pointing out the historical inaccuracies and basically think that all other majors/bachelor degrees are beneath yours? Then become a History major today!!! Side affects might include but are not limited to prolonged virginity, excessive alcoholism, forced writing, boring reading, a lack of a social life, and an overly politically correct attitude on everything."

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ZombieE Lee
ZombieE Lee commented
Maybe its just majors in the South. We are kind of a nerdy, isolated bunch!
DDX Project
DDX Project commented
Yeah, because your quote reminds me more of computer science, mathematics, and engineering majors aside from the recalling historical inaccuracies part. Especially the part about thinking all the other undergraduate majors are beneath yours.
ZombieE Lee
ZombieE Lee commented
Yes snobiness seems to be an emotion shared by a lot of college students. I'm in the weird gray area between self-loathing and arrogance! All joking aside though, I am just jesting in this answer. I really don't judge people based on their academic criteria or achievement. I judge people on how they treat others. This answer is just a way for me to poke fun at my own major.

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