What is the most prominent life lesson you've learned?


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Matt Radiance answered

1.Never generalise the action of groups of people.

2.Don't judge, Never believe what you hear unless you see  Don't fully believe what you see, cause what you see might be opposite of what it looks like. And everyone is fighting battles that I don't know about so I shouldn't never judge them

3.Everyone's lives are connected somehow.  Sometimes there's people that we meet them only for one or two minute, but that two minute, they say something or do something who change our complete our life's path.

4.Humanity is most important than anything. People's worth is not by how much they paying for their living, The worth of humans are about their soul & heart & the manner they own.

5.Even if you're sure of something, Always keep in mind the 1 % that could change. So you be prepared and  then you won't break down.

6.Love is powerful, I learnt to love, Even the most darkest people can feel a light & change  when they see how it feels to be loved.

So many more . . .

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