The way I cope with aggression is to write up stories of killing the person who upset me. I always get a "giddy" feeling when I write them. They are also extremely vivid. Is this weird?


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I'm telling you in advance that my answer will most likely upset you. You wanted the truth I'm sure, so here it's only my opinion.

It's more than weird...if you get these feelings... You have serious issues. When you have thoughts of killing other human beings it's a sign of mental illness. By writing your thoughts down its a way for you to read them over and over and play the scenario out in your mind for satisfaction.  It's time for you to seek professional help before you find yourself behind bars for life.

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Didge Doo answered

It's not only weird it's potentially dangerous. You need help before it gets out of hand. How often have you read about mass murderers who take a gun into a school or a shopping area and who have written a journal about their thoughts in the months leading up to the massacre.

Get help! This is bad news.

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Cookie Roma answered

Why not write about how you can forgive these people?

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Betty Boo answered

It is NOT good.

One day you might not get satisfaction from writing and you might attempt to actually harm someone.

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