My parents are forcing me to go to a Ohio state university even though I have already been given a full ride at Yael medical school because they say that Yael doesn't provide any sort of good education. I told them but they say that I have no say in the matter and that this is their choice not mine. Can someone please help me?


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It really depends on your reasons for not wanting to go. Honestly, unless you'd rather go to sixth form or get an apprenticeship, you are probably better off going to college.

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Sure, get a job at Mcdonalds and live in a nearby homeless shelter. Save up for a cheap $400 dollar car and start sleeping in there instead. Next try to find a room to rent for the cheap and work hard at Mcdonalds. Beg the owner to promote you to manager. Use your management experience to get a job as an assistant manager of Walmart. Kiss all the butts, work till you drop, and get promoted to store manager. Congratulations! You got it made! Now everyone respects you and your parents are jealous you get to run an entire Wally mart.

Insert coin to play again.

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Wow. It is Yale not Yael, and you don't go to medical school until after you finish fours years getting your bachelor's degree. If you are going too troll, at least make it somewhat plausible.

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