Are you a 90's kid? Do you remember what the 90's was like?


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Well. Even though I was born 1990. I don't classify myself as a 90's kid. More like an 00's kid.. Why?? Because the decade is half over by the time im 5..  And completely gone by the time I'm 10.  I remember some things of the 90's but to be a true 90's kid. You would have to be born 1985 at the latest. 

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I'm a bit too old to be a 90's kid, I'm more of a 60's kid. Captain Kangaroo was my hero... Well maybe not "my" hero, but he was a WW2 hero, If I remember he was awarded the Medal of Honor, for the battle of Iwo Jima.

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PJ Stein
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I remember Capt. Kangaroo, along with Bunny Rabbit Mr. Green Jeans and Mr. Moose with his ping pong balls.
Charles Davis
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Strange our childhood icons were actually war heroes, even Mr rogers was a military trained sniper.
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I was 15 in 1990 , so for me the mid to late 80's were lots of fun (before I started chasing girls). All I needed then was my skateboard and a dry day...

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I remember this really cool play place, and my stuffed lady bug. Seemed pretty good to me.

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