Writing stories on blonde hair that I call Blonde 101. Does it sound like a good story?


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

Without knowing a short synopsis of the story, it's kind of hard for me to give my opinion. I like the title "Blonde 101" but the "stories on blonde hair" part makes me think it's a documentary on a hair salon. I'm a little curious as to what the synopsis of your story is. Best of luck on your endeavor.

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Rath Keale answered

As a person who was white-blonde as a child and just plain blonde later, I had to listen to people equate blonde with the idiot gene.  Don't think the jokes are funny.  Just insert Black, Asian, tall, skinny, blind, deaf, deformed, autistic, dyslexic, or gay into the space where blonde sits and the jokes and stories simply insult and ridicule another group.

Why do this?  Blond 101 sounds terrible to me.  What an awful idea.

When the butt of the joke or story is a particular group and the deficiency is something of which there is no choice, the result is caustic and more than uncomfortable.  It is certainly akin to racism.

Doing this will say a lot more about your personal ethical standards than it will about blonde people 

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