What Should I Write As A Thank-You Note For A Surprise Birthday Party Gift?


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Surprise birthdays are designed to catch people off guard - which causes difficulty when you want to thank everyone involved. It's not as if they gave you a heads-up, right?

Here are some suggestions for notes you may want to write to someone who's caught you out with a surprise birthday gift:

Examples of surprise birthday gift thank you notes:
Sample 1:

Hey babes, Thanks a million for the birthday gift! I totz loved it and was really not expecting it! Lots of love. Xx Sample 2:

Dear so and so, I was completely taken aback by the impromptu nature of the gift I received. I wish to extend my sincerest gratitude for your attendance at my party, and for the delightful present. Your impeccable taste translates in your gift selection, and I'm truly humbled to have you as a friend. Sincerely yours, So and so. Sample 3:

I wasn't expecting to receive such a gift, Have you been peeking at my Amazon wishlist? Your choice of present shows you're a true friend, And this is the greatest gift in the end, So thank you for celebrating my birthday with me, I'll forever remember this special day fondly.

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"I was so surprised to receive such a wonderful gift but not at all surprised it came from someone who is always so thoughtful and considerate."
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I would like to say don't write anything just give them a discount gift cards He/She will be more happy.

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May you live as long as you want,

but never want as long as you live.

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