How difficult is it to be an author?


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Ray Dart answered

I've had stuff published, sadly, on rather boring subjects.

I just made sure that what I wrote was easy to read, grammatically and syntactically correct and properly spelled.

It's the "easy to read" bit that is the hardest. If you can combine "easy to read" with "interesting to read" you are doing well.

If you can add "fun to read" to that, you have a career as an author.

mohammad mahmoudi Profile

It depends on how good you are in literature. Writing needs motion and a deep thinking for object and how to make the story interesting. Remember everybody can write but we're not all good at story writing.

i believe if you read plenty of books (variety books )! You will get the enough skill to write.

Main point :it is easy and everybody can do that and it's really interesting and if you work at it you can become a good writer

Hope my answer can help !

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Cookie Roma answered

As a mom to a writer it seems to me that it's very difficult. I've learned over the years that there is a small tear of writers who make very big money.  For every one of them there are dozens, or more that while published, still require a "day job." To help them be able to support themselves. All that said, my daughter loves writing and can't see herself doing anything else. 

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