What are some things a parent can accidently say that would make a little kid cry? (this is for a story btw...the father isn't feeling well and accidently snaps off at the seven year old and spends some time trying to make it up to her)


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

A lot of this depends on the child themselves as a child who is very emotional will cry at almost anything where a kid that is "thick-skinned", cries at nothing, but Parents will make a mistake and say something they later regret but devastates the child and there are no "take-backs" in the world so once said, the damage is done thus the need for Parental damage control to soothe hurt feelings,  The harder a Parent tries not to offend the child, the more likely it will happen and since Parenting comes with no instruction manual or instruction sheet, we are all bound to make mistakes sooner or later so the quicker we learn how to minimize damage control the better

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