Are there any States that would be better off without the rest of the country?


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The first state that thought it would be better off by leaving the Union would be the first state crushed!

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You mean if the people of a state voted to leave the US, in a democratic vote, the :U:S would stop them?? What kind of police state are you living in?/
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Plenty, California for one. Our economy is ranked 8th in the world, just a tiny bit under India. Many of the Red States rely on federal funds more than others and without states like ours and New York they wouldn't last very long. California also grows the majority of the country's food (more than 20% of total), yet it only accounts for 2% of our GDP. We also import more energy than any other state while also having the most aggressive renewable energy goals. 

All your cell phones, softwares,  computers, websites you normally browse... Yep California. Look to the side of this website where it says Share This Question. Where are those companies located? Those drive-less cars in the future? You guessed it. The first manned mission to mars? You guessed it.

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