When was the last time you actually did something for the first time? What was it?


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Didge Doo answered

Since I retired I've done lots of things I never thought of doing before.

-- I learned to use HTML and set up web sites for a number of community groups and chess clubs.
-- Became breakfast announcer on a community radio station. Fifteen hours a week on air and about 20 hours preparation time made it a full time job.
-- Learned to call square dances and, with Mrs Didge, set up and ran a successful dance club for a couple of years.

But the most recent thing I've done for the first time was to write and publish a novel.  The Mistress of Dimmiga Berg.

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Danae Hitch answered

I asked my neighbors for help with my lawn. It was starting to look like homeless people lived here. My son has been super busy with his full time job and coaching kids basketball and soccer. I suffer from agoraphobia so it's hard for me to get out and take care of it.

They were willing to do it for free but it was in such a mess that I paid them for their efforts. My son has vowed to try and slow down and keep up with it better for me.  So, I learned how to ask for help on this and my neighbors were willing to help me out.

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Sapphire's Edge answered

Well, last weekend was the first time I had my car broken into while I was out and about. While I was making a phone call about the damage, someone tried to knab my purse off of my shoulder. When he couldn't smoothly get it off of my shoulder, he tried to yank it off but I got in good kick to "that place" before he could. He ran away quickly. It was one of those days.

I fell in love with  a horse Profile

A few weeks ago I fell off a horse I have been riding for 5 years so I guess it had to happen sometime.🏇>🐎😜 

I also was in my first horse show in July. I won one class and got third in the other. It was SUPER FUN🏇🏇🏇🐴🐴🐴😀😀😀

dragonfly forty-six Profile

7-11 has a new flavored Slurpee. It's Watermelon Sour Patch Kids. I also found a Slurpee Sour Punch Straw that I used with it. So I had this crazy combo for the first time last week. Felt like I was a kid on a hot summer day all over again. It was yummy!

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Nice Girl answered

The last time when I did something for the first time was sitting in the window of my new home and write a poem as the rain dropped. Something  I always wanted to do!

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Yin And Yang answered

I became a mother in law for the first time back in March.

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