Okay my artists, show me something you drew! :)?


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Kristen Storm Profile
Kristen Storm answered

Does a little stick man count? That's about all I can draw

Frederick Fisk Profile
Frederick Fisk answered

Drawing is the one thing I cannot do to save my life. :c

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Maurice Korvo answered

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Didge Doo answered

Self portrait of your old Uncle Didge.

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Dakota  Mackenzie
Dakota Mackenzie commented
Haha xD that's adorable! lol
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
Thanks, Mac. And, yeah, I know it's your second name (and a particularly fine second name at that) but I keep getting the urge to call you Mac. ☺
Dakota  Mackenzie
Dakota Mackenzie commented
Mac? :P nice haha My mom uses my middle name at times. She shortens it to "Kemzie" from when I was little, it stuck. c:
Christian Leckey Profile

A drawing I did, was practicing on the side view :)

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