What Is The Product Over Sum Formula For A Parallel Circuit?


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It is the parallel resistor formula  i.e.  R=(r1*r2)/(r1+r2)  where r is the equivalent resistance of 2 resistors r1 & r2
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Why doesn't this work for more than 2 resistors? (Ex: 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/6 does not equal 4.5)
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This formula works 4 more than 2 resistors.But in that case we have to take 2 resistors at a time,finding their parallel equivalent, then taking this result applying to the next one e.g.1/3||1/3||1/6 =(1/3||1/3)||1/6={(1/3*1/3)/(1/3+1/3)}||1/6=1/6||1/6=1/12

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