So my High School will be starting swimming soon and I want to know, what are the basics to being a part of the High School swim team as this'll be my first time. I'm a naturally good swimmer so that should help?


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Hey there. I have a lot of athletes in the family. I found the one thing that really helped is if you are in good basic shape. Eat and sleep well. Exercise every day. When we played seasonally we kept up the routine even in the off season. If we were actively playing games we still exercised every day just not as long. So year round, we jogged anywhere for 1-3 miles every day or every couple of days. I found that running for our family worked well as a base exercise. Then we would add hiking or biking and walking to the base exercise routine. More or less if we were playing more than a few games on the weekends. No matter what we played being physically fit consistently gave us and our teams the edge. Even though we aren't competing anymore starting an exercise routine at a young age was a great habit to start.

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Haha I agree, I've already started to lift weights and have gained weight (muscle) and I have done a good amount of dieting over the summer and people tell me that I look more built. I not only want to do swimming as a sport for fun because of how good of a cardiovascular exercise it is, should help to me to lose the fat and get lean with the help of eating right.

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