If you could live in any other century than the 21 century, which century would you live in and what's your explanation for your decision?


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Corey The Goofyhawk Profile
Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I can choose any century? I choose the 24th century! I'd like to see how far we have really come in that amount of time. Best of luck to you!

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Walt O'Reagun answered

1860 - 1911 (in America or Canada)

Industrial revolution - still plenty of "wide open spaces" - plenty of opportunity to create a legacy

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PJ Stein answered

Live for how long? Permanently? 

I am staying where I am. In my lifetime things have changed enough for me to know I am at a high risk for certain cancers. I get screened every year. If I go back in time, I will most likely not do as well as if I stay here. And going forward doesn't interest me either. For all we know there may be an apocalypse and it would be like living in the dark ages. 

I will stay put thank you.

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RIK RZ answered

500's to the 600's

because it was the rise of Arabian power

Great knowledge, rich history, and people lived for like 200 years! (I dunno history just talks like that there were reports of people a century before and they were still alive and very healthy).

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Yo Kass answered

Not sure exactly which century, but I'd definitely have to pick somewhere in the future.

On one hand, it'd be cool to check out the new technology and latest version of the iPhone that everyone is enjoying in like 200-300 years time.

On the other hand, it'd also be very interesting to land somewhere after the extinction of human kind, to see what the planet is like without us around.

Probably ruled by giant goats or something!

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