Who else Also agrees that Thomas Edison was a Terrible person? If you don't know what i am talking about it will be in the answers.


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I'm just curious as to why you believe that? 😕

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RIK RZ commented
Because of Nikola Tesla and what Edison did to him
Also since he was the leading filmmaker and would not allow the founders of Hollywood a chance to film they had to run away to California
Edison thought that they would not be a problem
Guess how that turned out
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Walt O'Reagun answered

Not I ... Given the morals/ethics of the time he lived in.

He was a savvy/ruthless businessman, depending on your point of view - not like he was a genocidal maniac or something.

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I find Thomas Edison fascinating (I even pulled some strings so I could do an assignment on him and industrialism last semester), however, I believe he did want some attention (that he obviously got...) and he cheated other people to get it.

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I agree he was a terrible person.

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