Which fraction is bigger 9/16 or 15/16?


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That's not fair. How are you going to learn like this? Later in life you will regret not learning the "learning process". It will help you in all aspects of life. Trust me it would more valuable to you to learn how to get the answer yourself.

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Well, if you've got a pizza that's cut into eight slices, do you want 1/8 of that pie, or 3/8 of it?

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Mark henry , Women Transformation Studio, answered

15/16 is greater fractional number.

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Tom Jackson answered

If two fractions, a/b and c/d are equal, then a times d will equal b times c.  (The products of the extremes will be equal to the product of the extremes.)

You can find a similar law for two fractions one of which is less than the other.

Compare some simple fractions like 2/3 and 4/5 to discover the law. (I guarantee your inductive reasoning will lead you to the "truth.")

It's a great shortcut for comparing less intuitive fractions such as 127/325 and 126/324.

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You have two piles of cookies that have 16 cookies each. Bob grabs 9 cookies from one pile and puts them on his plate, and Joe grabs 15 from the other pile and puts them on his plate. Who has more has a bigger amount on their plate?

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